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The Robinson Pub is the little stone house of the authentic look: seaward, wooden tables under the olive-tree, the pine tree smell and the lavender and seasalt smells mixedup with the smells of the olive oil and dalmatian cookery.

Traditional Taste

In the shade of century-old olive tree you will enjoy the authentic taste of the dalmatian cuisine:
Brodetto fish stew with several kinds of fish sauteéd in tomato sauce with garlic and spices
Gregada (fish speciality of Hvar), Fish and sea food alla buzara (cooked and flavored with a lot of aromatic spices),
grilled fish, The Dalmatian “Pasticada” with gnocchi (stewed beef servet
in dalmatian gravy sauce with noodles), grill Robinson, marinated sardines, Octopus salad, cheese from oil.


Uncover the authentic taste of the dalmatian cuisine.


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